About Us

Dane Tyner

North-central Indiana is where I grew up. I left there in the mid 60’s to serve my country for four years – USN. A few years after my discharge, at a church revival I really didn’t want to attend, I had an encounter with truth, a life-changing encounter with God.

That experience was like the first domino in a long chain to fall. It led me to college for the first time at the age of 28. It led me to earn a B.A. degree and then an M.S. degree. In May of 1979 I was ordained into Christian ministry and have been serving in pastoral ministry since. For 15 years I was a local church staff minister.

In January of 1994 my wife and I launched a Christian family ministry we call Home Improvement Ministry in Tulsa, OK. It is our goal to assist Bible-believing churches in the great work of helping families in our day. We intentionally serve across denominational lines.

I am Dad to four children and Grandpa to seven grandchildren.